Who will come alongside HIM and help fight the battle?

This MOMMA! Will go great lengths to accompany him to educational success.

How he got accepted in the National Honor Society, was no mini battle. How my son struggled for years in school, and he became an overcomer

We recognize the achievement and rejoice with this gigantic accomplishment. Most of you, have to understand what it took to get here? This is a journey of heartache, perseverance, patience, and self-control that lasted years. Yes, YEARS!!!!!

My son’s story of struggle was unforgettable and started from the beginning. This came with a label I did not expect nor did I want…… IEP.

…. I was embarrassed leaving the class with everyone knowing I was on an IEP.

“I remember falling asleep at my desk with my hand raised. Not because I was sleepy I was mentally done. My hand was up for so long, teachers stopped paying attention after a while.  Over time, other classmates learned to come alongside me and help, not the teacher. I look back when it was ‘OK ‘to have a season D’s, C’s, and B’s because that was my best.”

As a mom, it took about three years of me saying ‘he needs extra help’ or ‘you need to do something different. No one will fight for you like this mama did. I was his voice when he did not know how to use his. I had to trudge through all the possibilities. It required teamwork and tons of encouragement along the way.

I had to privately pay an intervention specialist thousands to prove that my son needed extra help. The school system agreed and basically copied the IEP diagnosis and help was implemented the following school year.



  • The neighbor would come and have a special time with Titus and read with him for months.
  • His MIMI would come over, and they were going treasure hunts and reading everything they went out to explore that day.
  • I would buy pricey books that he liked simply, so he would read and expand his vocabulary. 

By the fifth grade, he was a year and a half behind and his reading level. This especially caused school reading to be less enjoyable. At the end of the year, I would get the report of how far he was behind.

But what the report didn’t show how far he had come!

You have to exhaust your resources to find what works. I got sick (literally) and a friend brought me a bunch of books. In that pile, I did not even want to read “the book”. It did not interest me. It was not for me, it was intended for my son! I read the intro and was hooked on HOW TO HELP HIM. My approach was shifted in a question I thought I might know the answer to but not fully until I asked him myself. Son, how do you feel about learning?

That One Book CHANGED Everything!!!!

A shift happened over the next 4 weeks that changed everything.  Conversations happen due to this book. 

Sometimes we get our focus on the problem and that all we notice and conversations hinge around the problem.

I wish to say it is not about identifying the problem?  It’s when our shift happens to understanding and it is identifying how somebody feels about the issue? 

When you can identify how you or someone else experiences the pain of something not coming effortless. It is important to know we are all unique and do not learn like everyone else. This principle opened up his mindset to understanding himself. 

Who are you called to come alongside and help them fight their battle?

Maybe you’re not helping someone else. Maybe you need help? Are you willing to receive it? 

Are you willing to go through the pain in the process?

Do you push to yourself to perseverance?

Struggling! Examining again. With the same results.

Accept the help.

Even if it comes with a label.

The significant thing about breakthrough is even when there’s a label it doesn’t mean it stays forever. We only give power to something when we get it permission. 

Learn to celebrate the small win. 

And have a party when you have an accomplishment!

By Tracy Mock

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This form of Sozo was originally developed by Dr. Jeffrey Barsch. You can learn more at his website: http://www.prayingforthebrain.com/

We were born to learn. In recent years, research on the human brain has expanded and knowledge has increased so dramatically, we can feel overwhelmed when we try to make sense of it all.

Education Sozo could also be called “Learning Sozo” or “Academic Sozo.” After completing a general sozo session, you may want to consider an Educational Sozo session if any of these apply to you:

  • You struggle to learn in any given subject
  • You are convinced you can never learn or understand a given subject
  • You feel ‘no matter what I do or how hard I try, I just don’t get it’ in any given subject
  • You avoid situations that require you to learn something new or see something in a new way
  • You feel regret or cringe when you think of your experiences in education or a particular failure in a subject or class still haunts you.
  • You were traumatized as a child in a particular class or grade level, whether by teachers, peers, parents or others.
  • You have lost your interest in learning

Educational Sozo Manual

By -Dr. Jeffrey Barsch


This is a book about the brain and how Bethel Sozo techniques can help prepare wounded learners to grow and prosper. Dr. Barsch has been using these adapted Sozo techniques with at-risk students with startling results. This product is highly recommended by Dawna De Silva, Sozo Ministry Founder, for bringing freedom to struggling students.

Praying for the Brain: Rewiring the Brain Through Prayer

Dr. Jeffrey Barsch


This book is about the brain and how specific prayer techniques can help wounded learners grow and prosper. This book is unlike traditional discussions about prayer both in perspective and content. In recent years Dr. Barsch has had the joy of helping at-risk students at a Christian high school using the power of prayer. This setting has provided a fertile avenue for the Lord to move in healing students’ brains in an educational setting. In this book, he shares case studies of prayer methods that have allowed each student to dramatically improve their academic grades without tutorial intervention. This book includes examples of hands-on praying for the brain that can be used at home, or school settings.

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