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I’m Not Hopelessness. Oh, That Must be Someone Else

Learn what being hopelessness looks like sounds like, and how to take the walls down in 4 natural phases. Written by: Tracy Mock I placed a phone call this morning... View Article

Disappointments Will Happen

People will let you down. The leader will disappoint you. Even the greatest leaders, your parents. I can think of 3 times I really wanted outcomes to be different in... View Article

Are You Growing in Your Potential? Evaluate YOU!

Let go, it is TIME to move on! So you can GROW! How big is your thinking? I was driving in my former stomping path to meet my husband for... View Article

Questions to Cultivate your Leadership

Create your Business  Meet Career Goals   Ignite You Life Heart Encounter  Transformitive Life Coaching What are actions you take that make you feel productive in your day? How do you... View Article

Forgiveness is a Lifestyle that brings FREEDOM and HOPE to the way you Lead.

As a leader, it is natural to be “others focused”. Often, we slowly grow indifferent to the needs of our own lives. Looking within to see why we might not... View Article

Broken heart Healed

Lord Heal My “Broken Heart”

God wants to meet you in your hopelessness in places. Pray with an open-heart, believing he is with you every step of the way. he gathers up the outcasts and... View Article