Are You Growing in Your Potential? Evaluate YOU!

Let go, it is TIME to move on! So you can GROW!

How big is your thinking?

I was driving in my former stomping path to meet my husband for lunch. I hadn’t been back to this part of town in some time. As I was using the map to get to my location, I looked over and I could see the place I used to get our taxes done. I contemplated, and I remember driving there over 20+ years ago. The building has not been cared for in years and now is run-down. I had a thought of what if we had kept them as our firm? Our company would not have grown properly and might have reflected that company’s image.


Our business has grown through a few accountants over the years. Understanding and tracking is the key that would unlock the growth capacity of how to track information. Through this growing pain change was necessary again, a new firm. The new accountant THINKS BIG.  I said all this to say, no matter what you do in life, we seem to outgrow people. It’s essential to GROW THROUGH and value people, places, and events along the journey. A significant understanding in growing is…..

you can’t always take the same people with you

Growing pains are a natural process of life. Familiarity will stunt your “possible potential”. Every part of you must come alive, in business, in friendships, and your work profession. I’ve always found if I’m not growing or being encouraged to grow in my work environment, I don’t do as well.

I am encouraged looking forward with fresh vision in this next season.  My life has a calling to make the greatest impact, I look at who is surrounding me. I, no longer expect to notice if I feel comfortable with those around me. I observe to see if those around me are equipped to bigger and better. Do they have the information to grow me and develop me into all that I was created to be.

This requires getting out of your comfort zone

Know yourself how respond resistance 

Don’t accept relationships that make you comfortable 

Who is around you that will tell you the truth

Free is not always valuable

Moving forward will always cost you something

Be Led by God’s Spirit 

Do the HEAVY work 

Written By: Tracy Mock

Heart Encounter Coach |Leadership Development

Empowering Women from Within

Life Coach |Entreprenuer

Blogger | Vogler

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