We Get Places on Purpose, Never on Accident

I think it is amazing what you’re doing…

Hey there! I wanted to tell you thank you again. I was just telling my husband that I’ve had counseling before on and off throughout the years for things that have been kind of hard in life and the session today was amazing. You hold and facilitate a transformative space for sitting and truly listening to the Lord. You offer guidance through that process with heartfelt support, and in asking questions. I received so much revelation from our time together. I think it is amazing what you’re doing and I just want to encourage you to keep going because you have a gift!
Yogafaith Sozo and Somatics Therapist

Tracy genuinely cares…

…about you being all you were created to be.  She helped me see where things in my past were derailing me from reaching my fullest potential and that I was leading my family and my team from a place of dysfunction.  She asks all the right questions to help you see where past hurts influence how you lead. For years I had been a perfectionist or tried to control those around me which led to ruining relationships and frustrating so many – including me!  The painful parts of my past that heavily influenced that behavior have been healed and restored. Heart work is hard work, but the results for you, those you love and lead are so very worth it. Tracy, led by God, so lovingly and gracefully navigates those waters with you that lead to wholeness!
Anonymous, 54
Business Administration

When we started, I was in crisis.

It had been six weeks into the pandemic, my company had us all working remotely, and we were quarantining. I only saw a limited number of people. I started to feel really afraid and struggled a lot with fear, but I wasn’t really sure what I was afraid of.  We used a tool to help identify what my heart was needing. What was uncovered was the deep need for security. This knowing has brought such peacefulness to my heart. Since then, I just have been meditating on the idea that Jesus is my stability. I’m really grateful for this process. There’s power in being able to identify something with your language like being able to say, ‘hey – this is what I’m struggling with! ‘This process left me with an unforgettable experience.
Mara, 33
Teacher in Akron, Ohio

I reached out because I was experiencing high anxiety.

Jesus spoke to my heart: ‘When I was on the cross, I felt the same way you did about your friends when they made fun of you, and bullied you.’ I encountered Jesus in a profound way. I saw an image of the hands of Jesus, the scars that were left from the cross. I looked down and saw the holes in his feet. Jesus shared with me “ I  can relate to you, the people that I have loved the most have caused me such terrible pain. You have to learn to stop, pause, listen, understand people where they are at. That’s where true transformation begins, IN You.

This inspired me not to take things at face value, but to receive Jesus’ wisdom, understanding of why people act the way they do.  Now I pray for them and their criticism doesn’t bother me.
Anonymous, 16

I could not be happier with the growth and healing that has transpired.

I started seeing Tracy for coaching about 6 months ago, and I could not be happier with the growth and healing that has transpired. Tracy’s unique approach is straight from God! He has anointed her to help people heal and move forward into all that God wants for them. Each session is centered around the person that loves us the most…Jesus! By inviting Jesus into our conversations, I have seen lies that I once believed from the enemy turned into truths from the Lord. My heart has been healed from experiences in my past that I wasn’t even aware I needed healing from. It’s been so freeing! 

Over the course of my healing, I have become a better Wife, Mother, Business Owner, and Friend. My own healing has allowed me to love others on a deeper, more connected level. I am truly grateful for Tracy and everything she has coached me through. I look forward to the upcoming months with her and seeing what God has in store. If you are considering a Christian Coach, look no further! Tracy is the best of the best and God has placed her in a position to impact the Kingdom through healing!
Woman Business Owner, Entrepreneur
North Canton, Ohio

Before my first session, I have to admit that I was skeptical…

…I was coming from a place where I had TRIED EVERYTHING to heal past hurts, without success. A ‘normal day’ for me used to mean toggling between self-hatred and “appearing to be perfect” for everyone around me… I was caught in the Crazy Cycle. Tracy not only made me feel safe and loved unconditionally, she guided me through remembering the emotions of one of the most painful moments of my childhood. Not only were my emotions healed, I now actually REMEMBER IT DIFFERENTLY. She helped me see that Jesus was there with me the whole time. I could literally see him there. It changed everything! We’ve been working on other hurts since then, making huge progress every week. Sometimes we just work on mindsets and dig through lies that I’ve been believing for far too long. Recently, during my own private gratitude/journal time, my heart experienced a level of joy that I honestly have never felt before. These Heart Encounters are healing me from the inside out. I’m more efficient at work, a more loving wife and mother, and I am actually able to receive love! Thank you, Tracy, for encompassing the true heart of Jesus and sharing that with me. With His help, you’ve changed my life for the better.
Mom, Wife, Business Owner


You are a breakthrough bringer. God helps you absorb things quickly and gives you wisdom to know how to apply the word of knowledge. Today has changed my mental vision. I haven’t been able to see clearly for a while, and today was a game changer.”
Katie K
B.S.M.C. P.C.

Thank You so much for your session; it was beautiful.

You are a wonderful Facilitator!!!! I felt very safe. I am so amazed at how much I was able to process and see from a different perspective. It was a gift. This one issue has plagued my life for over 20 years. It is now settled in my mind. What peace now resides in my heart. I can now see specific people and my old issue doesn’t even phase me.
CEO Home and Family
Stay at Home MOM

I look forward to each coaching session with Tracy.

I’m no longer on autopilot!!! I am finally fully engaged with the people God has placed in my life.  The best of this life is yet to come!
Seasoned Mom of 5 and Fully Alive