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Have you reached a breaking point in your spiritual life? Are you feeling exhausted, burned out, angry, frustrated, or simply out of touch with your values? 

You’ve likely tried it all. You’ve seen a counselor, picked up self-help books, spent weekends on retreat, read daily affirmation, and still… no change. You’re still carrying exhaustion and frustration in your heart. It seems as if your prayers are getting lost and that God can’t hear you anymore. 

“you desire, but you do not have…so you fight and wage war.”

James 4:1-4

I’ve been there, and I know how painful it is to be stuck. I spent years in this state of anxiety until God’s message became clear. He was sending signals I couldn’t do it alone, and that I needed His help to transform my life into one I actually wanted to live. 

The Heart Encounter program is designed to help you on your journey to building a real relationship with God. Right now, you probably can’t hear his voice because the stresses of daily life and negative thought patterns are getting in your way. In this series, we work to dissipate those negative thoughts and feelings so that your heart is open to God’s message.  

Using different spiritual exercises, we will unpack years of stored trauma, grief, and frustration to lift the burden on your heart. When that burden is lifted, you can open the doors for Jesus to come through and make transformative changes in your life. 

-Tracy Mock


$1,600 PAID IN FULL | $800 MONTH |$200 SESSION

During this 8-week course, we will address spiritual foundational responses, getting to the root instead of the symptom. This is an intensive program designed for developing women. We are dedicated to healing the core beliefs and motives of the heart, removing the wounds, inner obstacles and hindrances that block all that God has planned for you. This step is the foundational key to your leadership development to create profound, measurable results. 

  • Acknowledge life history, start life map
  • Forgiveness: of self, God, and others
  • Releasing the past
  • Identify and release things that have held you back
  • Identifying generational reoccurrence
  • Limiting beliefs/Applying truth 
  • Connect your brain to the heart of God and hear HIM speak truth
  • Bring fresh Life/Hope/Restoration into all you do
  • Vision
  • Dream again
  • Reset YOU to your original plans and purposes from God

Note: If you are a 1st generation Christian you might have more work to do than others.


$10,400 paid in full | $870.00 12 monthly payments |Weekly 1 Year

Over the course of 1 year, we will provide this weekly Leadership Coaching intensive program designed to develop the leader within. This weekly program is designed around the whole woman; body/mind/spirit. This course is dedicated to going beyond the boundaries of traditional leadership development to create profound, measurable results, bringing peace and vision to specific aspects of the heart of leadership.

  • Start with healing foundation work
  • Learn to be a change agent
  • Prosper full circle: wife, mom, friend, leader, and in business
  • Build confidence
  • Build connections
  • Crush your fears
  • Learn to strategize INNOVATIVELY
  • Open up your creativity
  • Become empowered
  • Clarify your life map
  • Achieve your goals: faith, family, money, business, and dreams
  • Create life balance
  • Learn to hear from God & pray with power
  • Live a life with purpose and intention 
  • Experience that success is an “inside job” 
  • Find clarity in your vision
  • Stepping in purpose
  • Conquering your giants
  • Create a life and business score card

This program will develop a better understanding of leadership strengths. You will learn fresh approaches for your life and business/workplace challenges. Develop coaching skills for more effective team development, providing immediate and long-term growth.



Priced by the day. Inquire for specific needs.

It is proven that seminars only take you so far. We have designed a unique approach with the goal of implementation. This is a hands-on approach designed to jumpstart your team. We can customize for your team’s needs. And you will see them flourish.


What is our organization’s purpose, goal, vision, strategy and values

• What’s our vision (or goal)?

• What are our greatest hopes?

• What are we here to do?

• What’s our role (or calling) – here and now?

• What’s important to us that we are trying to achieve?

• What would success look and feel like?


In relation to our teams Why: (Content, Tasks)

• What are our priorities?

• Of all the things we could focus on, what is most important – here and now?

• What issues or tasks do we need to pay attention to?

• What are the questions that, if we could answer them, would take us forward?

• What would be the best use of our time together?

• What parameters do we need to take into account (e.g. budget, deadlines)?

How (method, process)

In relation to our team’s Why and What:

• How shall we do this?

• What would be the most effective method we could use?

• What way of tackling this would we find most creative and energising?

• What needs to happen first?

• Who else needs to be involved and when?

• Is this the best time for us to do this?


Who (people, relationships)

In relation to our team’s Why, Who and How:

• What gifts or talents (knowledge, expertise) does each of us bring to this?

• What do we need to know and understand to bring and draw out the best in each other?

• What’s the quality of contact between us as a team?

• What do we need to do to create enough trust between us to work together on this?

• What do we need – here and now – to do this well?

• Who else could we draw on to help us with this?


• What gifts or talents (knowledge, expertise) does each of us bring?

• What do we need to know/understand?

• How do/can we bring out the best in each other?

• What is the quality of communication between us as a team?

• What do we need to do to increase trust between us as we work together?

• Where are we now and where are we headed?


A group of sessions to develop your individual project

  • Unlock your organization’s creativity
  • Learn what’s holding undertakings from moving forward
  • Interactive team-building, teaching


  • You decide how much you want to transform your team 
  • Assign group and individual weekly homework for Week/Month/Quarter
  • Follow-up with your HEART COACH 
  • Ongoing quarterly/yearly transformation available for individuals and groups
  • Who else could we draw on to help us with this?


$300 per hour

  • Only available for past clients through Heart Encounter
  • Even cars need an oil change. We at HEART ENCOUNTER understand the demands of LEADERSHIP. It is important that EXPERT LEADERS take the time to heal and recover from prolonged periods of “storms of life”. It’s not if, it’s when! We are honored to move alongside the outstanding leaders when life gets tough quickly; connecting you back to the love of the Father.
  • Getting you to a place of PURPOSE. I intended you to get you to live from this place. With long-term vision.


Free 30-Minute Meet + Greet

On the fence? Not sure if coaching is right for you? That’s what this appointment is for!

This free 30-minute meet + greet is to quickly connect and discuss your situation and to determine if we are a good fit to work together. This is not a coaching call, but it is for your benefit prior to booking a session or package if you’re on the fence.

There is no obligation to sign up for 1:1 coaching after this call.

  • Are we a correct fit?
  • Are you ready to move forward with change?
  • Do you want to be: Healed & Whole – BODY | MIND| SPIRIT
  • Ready to navigate change – develop the mindset, tools and processes required to drive change
  • Ready to have fierce conversations – learn how to talk about what matters
  • Coaching – take your leadership to the next level with the result
  • Ignite Innovation – bring your ideas to life and build a culture of innovation in you and in those you lead
  • Captivate the leader within – elevate your leadership effectiveness and drive performance across every level of your life/organization



~We help you to develop the mindset and learn to use the tools and apply the processes required to drive change.


~We will dive in and help you learn how to start talking about what matters!


~Take your leadership to the next level with a Master Heart Encounter Coach


~Bring your ideas to life!

~Build a culture of innovation!


~Elevate your leadership effectiveness and drive meaningful performance across every level of your organization!