My Story

“ You can never lead someone to a place you have never been before.”- Tracy Mock

For most of my adult life, faith was the guiding force behind my actions. I grew up with little knowledge of who God really was, but curious to know more. Always believing in a loving and righteous God, who was my #1 role model and best friend. However, the older I got, the more I realized other roles in my life took on more than my spiritual life did. 

I wore many hats as a wife, mom, friend, daughter, and business owner. I was responsible for a family, employees, volunteers, and important relationships, and was often seen as the one with all the answers. Because of this, I grew used to making decisions and handling things on my own. I asked God for His blessing, but I thought I knew what was best for me. I didn’t start to really listen until things went south. 

Because I had a kind and good-hearted community surrounding me, I trusted and loved with my whole heart, as I knew God wanted me to do. Unfortunately, that became an open window in my heart for people to lie, steal, and take advantage of me. My once open heart grew bitter and cold, and I lost who I wanted to be as a woman of influence. 

It took many months of prayer, hope, and counseling from a coach before I realized the true pain I was holding onto inside. I was carrying old traumas around with me and pushing them down instead of addressing them face-on. The kind, gentle, good-natured mother and Christian that I wanted to be was buried under feelings of frustration and pain. I was operating under a system of beliefs about myself and the world that were limiting my potential. I realized I needed a change of heart before I could change my business, family, or church. 

By releasing control and exploring my inner world, I was able to find a true connection to God. I was no longer talking to a silent God but was rather listening to a God who had a bright future, hope, and love in store for me. He healed my broken heart and now I can show up for my family and lead. I have energy, focus, and happiness every day because of the freedom God has given me.  

I want to get YOU to a place where you can sense, hear and understand the love that he has for you. This journey takes work, but you will experience lasting change in your life that will release you from the pain and frustration of the past. When you’re connected to Jesus, you are never alone. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Tracy Mock