Restoring these 4 truths will bring family together.

These key parts are the moral fabric of truth woven into the bond that creates a family. Letting any one part unkept unravels the beauty. It has deviating effects not only on you but the landscape of our culture.

Their four parts influence our behaviors and actions in each of us. These components make us who we are as a person, family, community and as a nation. 

  1. Emotional Part– How we react in response in emotional ways to events that causes us to reflect as an individual and family and as a community. Emotions demonstrate how we feel good or bad. They show we show when something will get the best of us. This demonstrates the PASSION of who we are. Having emotional intelligence helps navigate yourself and others in a healthy manner. Learning to regulate and heal broken emotional parts of yourself and the relationships closest to you cultivates wholeness.
  2. Physical Part– The ability to maintain energy. Our physical being puts everything into what we believe in. What you love and cherish it’s the do part of you. This happens in everything that we do. It is said superlative, human doing. Starting individually, in family, community, church, schools, and in our leaders. Traces of the fabric of coming together.  It maintains the energy and the passion for what you’re called to do. 
  3. Intellectual Part– Never stop learning. If you feel strongly about something. If you do not know about it, study it for yourself. Always increase your intellectual capacity and knowledge. This part of you can increase in capacity. Never settle for what is. Stay curious! Allowing someone else to make the decisions for you, what you believe and how you should believe, was never the design and the authority we were intended to carry. The human mind when it is cleared up can exceed the limits of possibilities. If you don’t choose to grow this part of you, someone else will always tell you what you believe. Do not limit yourself and settle for what someone says, seek to understand for yourself. What we need to know for today but as well as in the future. For our family and community and our culture depend on it.
  4. Spiritual Part– it’s your circumference, all these other parts of you hinge on this part. If this part is unhealthy then it affects all the other aspects of you. Who we are, how we come across to others, is vitally impactful and furthermore important for a future. Who and what we are leading will be this fabric. The Golden rule -treat others the way you want to be treated. This leads to a  happy and healthy spiritual life. Take that to the 60,000 foot visual for our family to a community and national level. When described as a beacon on a hill or a true north star. When following this spiritual truth, and leaders are not sure where it is going to take them but willing to risk it all to follow the truth. Following this is what was created and intended by God. The only true pathway of faith!

Understanding Truth

How do I create change? Where do I need to go personally and as a family. We need unity, truth and be fearless in what YOU BELIVE IN. 

Understand it! Believe it! Then live in it! 

Identifing Failures:

We need to understand where we failed. Doing so helps you to not revisit this in your future. Examining the tears of chaos, tears of gossip, sown discord, refusal of the truth. An audit at each level is required for untainted change. Failure to not use our voice and pray to then stand for the truth will have detrimental effects. The purpose of prayer is to not put it on someone else, it is to own your part and speak where no one can see you. It’s called the secret place. When we personality neglect this place it has cause and effect. This causes repeated failures in family failures. Where people don’t want to deal with wrongs and pass them on to the next generation to deal with. It has tremendous cause and effect, either way, you get to decide what you are going to do about it. 


Who is protecting what we believe? Who is protecting the fabric of what we believe? It is up to us to bring it back together. Insufficient loyalty, strength, and charter are broken down slowly.  It is likely not a quick breakdown, it more like a slow fade. This generation cares about the fabric and wants it to be restored. They truly need to be shown how.

  • Tired of false Religion: Evil and knowing the enemy. It is not about and quoting what you believe it is about living it.
  • The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The DNA Spirit of God is light and truth and goodness. There is power in the Golden rule. Who knew something so simple could change the heart of this generation.
  • Answer the Call: We all have a call to talk about this message and carry it out. We have to do our part and not rely on someone else to do it for us. How do you want to be treated? We need to know what our family is founded on. Foundations matter! When things get shaken up we see what they are made of.

The Golden Rule

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.

Matthew 7:12 – NLT


Take over in an unpretentious way, start with you and your fabric of your family. Focusing on someone else’s problem is not solving yours. I encounter so many people that dissociate and focus on others than themselves. This is a recipe for personal disaster. Focusing on momentous problems can deem to be hopeless. BIGGER isn’t better. ATT is a perfect example when you call for help you get transferred x 10 and lost time and life. ‘What a waste’. 


Prayer changes us. Answers come in HIS time! Prayer should change us. Listening to the whisper of heaven for us cultivates the soil of our hearts. The truth about ourselves is the best place to start. Truth will come out. Truth tellers are the legitimate influencers. Being truly authentic is known even at a young age. You cannot fake authenticity for long. Sooner or later the truth will be made known. What you stand for can only be hidden in the darkness for so long. There are countless fake and phony people out there. What is the caricature that you represent and how you treat other people. It says a lot about your life. Moms want their children to grow naturally.


Sometimes you have to fight for it. I think i will rephrase that……we have to fight for our family. The struggle is real and needs to be shown in this generation. Sometimes it is not getting over the hill it is focusing on getting to the top. 


What condition is the fabric of your heart in? Where do you start? What’s next! What problems do we have? 


Growing up prayer got us through. Dailey prayer, is a love that transcends, understanding, and knowing what is deep in your heart. Deep aspect, strength of the family and broader family. I grew up knowing each other and our families. Faith and the word, true friendships developed over time. 

People reach to you in the time of need that do not even know you personally that we’re praying for you believe in you on the way up the mountain. 

There is nothing wrong with what others think. Start knowing what you believe. Go back to him as an individual and ask God to show himself. 


God-given freedom starts with knowing what tangible freedom is. No one can take from us our God-given freedom to think for ourselves. Changing or stepping into a mindset of not taking our freedom for granted. Breathe and usher in the fresh air of liberty and learn to fight for it. What are you founded on? Belief in something. Something bigger than yourself.


Who is in your camp? Do not let the enemy diminish the mindset. If you know what the truth is, you stand for it. The most important virtue is to be and do and show love with your feet. Believe in something far greater than yourselves. 

Don’t stay in defeat. Come back after the defeat, don’t accept defeat. The truth will come out. Fight for the truth where ever it is. Step out of the defeated mindset. Discover new truth and expose it. It hurts them on the other side. Every time we expose the truth. The enemy loses strength and they are weekend. 


The truth is the ability to be vulnerable with yourself, God, and then others is powerful. It comes out through living the truth personally. Teaching and living it in your own camp. We cannot teach what we do not live. Everyone is watching and searching for truth. This generation is looking for the real thing. The open doors of truthful conversations with love cultivates the ground of the heart. 


Learn to use the voice, you have been given. Discovering new ways of speaking with pure faith and whole hearts is a process. Meeting people where they are in conversation is key.  It starts personally and your personal tribe. Transforming love that conforms to the heart of the community and surrounding cities. This love does not stop. It changes the bigger voice of influence, community, and conversation, and back into the family. Restoring the fabric of the family is work. It will have lasting effects when the proper measures are taken. Do your part!!!!

By Tracy Mock

Inspired by a message by General Flin

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