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Love You More…

Love you more. A simple phrase yes, but three words my grandma never failed to say. My gram, Faye Tucker, was a simple woman. The only things she needed in... View Article

Disappointments Will Happen

People will let you down. The leader will disappoint you. Even the greatest leaders, your parents. I can think of 3 times I really wanted outcomes to be different in... View Article

“Maybe, Just Maybe, You’re Not Lost At All”

“Maybe, Just Maybe, You’re Not Lost At All”

I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom! Have you ever wished for something, got it? Then wondered what in the world you were asking wishing for... View Article

Broken heart Healed

Lord Heal My “Broken Heart”

God wants to meet you in your hopelessness in places. Pray with an open-heart, believing he is with you every step of the way. he gathers up the outcasts and... View Article