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Give somebody something to talk about!

By Tracy Mock

Your story is the single most important thing you do in this life.

Do you value what is inside? What does the story say about where you came from? 

What are you gonna tell everyone who listens to it? 

My story depends on it, marriage depends on it, and children depend on it! The next generation depends on my actions!

Consider the relationships with those behind you, around you and before you develop you. Take two people with one step in front of each other. Hand in hand. Putting each other’s needs first. The world creeps in so quickly and tells you to take the cheap road. Cut htem off and move on.

You have to have a made up mind and ask yourself. Is my story worth fighting for? Can you live with the way things are padding out?  

In my story, crucial decisions had to be made. Shift of hope (bended forward with expectation) in my thinking helped this process of growing together we have to decide this is OUR Story. Not mine, not your,  but it is ours. Especially when the storms of life come and distract you from 

What purpose you were created to be. 

I don’t want it to be a YOUR story or MY story. I want it to be an OUR story

Disappointments Happen

And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love. Romans 5:5

They are part of the story.

Don’t ignore them |Don’t give them power either |Don’t let them define you

There are emotions behind the disappointment. Identify those feelings. Do not stop there. See what is behind them. 

Pain is one of our greatest teachers. It can stay along for as long as we allow it. What is it trying to teach me?

  • Will I listen?
  • Be professional pain avoider? 
  • Stop and understand our pain? 
  • What’s behind it?


Remember there is always hope! We have a confidence to tape into that is unsurmountable. 

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 NLT


Love is walking through the FIRE together and becoming something REFINED and beautiful on the other side. Creating history that future generations will talk about for years to come.

What is in you will be drawn to you! Look inside! Heal the broken places! 

Live in such a way that  history books will not leave a word unspoken. 

Starting a business from nothing, to 25 years later, becoming one of the most sought after design build firms. This success did not come without tremendous sacrifice and heart ache. 

I learned to love beauty and people and process while building our company. 

It grew quickly. Each year that went by I gave more and more of my time and my mental energy before I knew it, the business was owning me. Things seemed crazy and out of control in every aspect, including my family. When I was at my breaking point and didn’t know where to turn to find the answers to the problems I had, I became weary and worn out. Honestly, I was ready to throw in the towel and just walk away. I helped put safeties into place to fix our people and systems problem.

Here I am helping people love where they love where they live by creating the most beautiful outdoor living spaces. While life’s problems continue to get heavier and heavier. WOW! Silently, was falling apart on the inside. 

I needed help, and something that worked, it was a process getting there. It should not be this hard. So, I founded Heart Encounter. A simple spiritual approach that works, created to heal your heart, encounter truth, change the way you live.

If it wasn’t for encountering Jeus and a coach coming alongside me, I would still be 

  1. Over reacting 
  2. Figuring it out 
  3. Experiencing broken inside

NOW – My joy is up, my heart is healed, my heart is fully connected. Balance is in areas I consider would only be a dream. Our company profits are up, solutions to employees problems etc. Most of all, my hope is restored!!!

  1. Stop reacting to your life. More importantly – over reacting to life’s situations
  2. You might sense broken and un-fixable, hopeless, about ready to quit. Don’t worry, you have what it takes to push through and discover why you are responding this way.
  3. Don’t let another generation pass and not deal with these limiting beliefs once and for all. Let’s identify the roots to why this is happening
  4. Let’s cut off the cycle and identify the real enemy who wants you to fail and fall short. Don’t accept his lies in your life anymore. Let’s guide you and defeat the real enemies hindering you to live your BEST LIFE NOW 

Everyone must start somewhere

Everyone wants to be an overcomer. Some times we simply need a guide in getting there.

TheHeart Encounter Process creates a safety place for you to go inward. See clearly what has you stuck.  

  1. Safe to be ugly, feel all the emotions (good and bad) you don’t understand. 
  2. Go to the tough places.  
  3. Identify the actual truth.  
  4. Understand your STORY

Replacing the lie with the Truth… Power of the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth. God wants to speak to us. One word from God will reveal a trajectory that changes the course of our lives. Rhema is God’s word spoken to you personally. He wants to be in a relationship with you and be the best friend. He has your best interest in mind.

Transformation is through encounters 

Powerful to partner with Jesus.  Connecting people to him. Take painful experiences and bring resolve and revelation so freedom can happen.

Every influential leader reaches a breaking point. A Heart Encounter Coach will empower you to lead out your best life.


Our lives have unlimited potential in the spiritual realm. To become a successful person requires overcoming a callous heart, trials, temptations, and rebellion.

  • Responsive heart – the capacity to hear the voice of God 
  • Fearless – capable of facing our most difficult moments 
  • Done on purpose – capable of overcoming our most dangerous temptations 
  • Confident – in a position to live out our calling

I STILL HAVE ROOM TO GROW. I am not as growing like I should. When we realize we need to grow, we are now in the position to grow. The apostle Paul who conquered so much still considered himself as “the chief among sinners” . He always perceived himself requiring help from God and others. We are no different. 

A breakthrough for me came when I realized God was inviting me to a life of influence. I have already overcome so much from broken to whole journey. Everywhere I go people are attracted to the God that lives inside of me. I freely share my mess to my message of healing and hope. More than physical such immense EMOTIONAL healing. Bringing peace to my body, mind and spirit.  

According to Jesus, no matter where we come from or what we’ve done or what limitations we may think we have. We actually can attain an abundant lifestyle. Jesus has transformed my life and now I am helping transform the lives of others. 

What if we open our hearts intentionally

  1. Be spiritually receptive
  2. Be  persistent 
  3. Be deliberate  

We are in the right place for God to act in and through our lives in new and exciting ways!

The process helps guide you by removing defense mechanisms that are holding you back. Unleash who you were created to be. Start leading from within and connect to your best life!

  • Desire to Connect Others – God | Self | Others
  • Get out of the Crazy Cycle
  • Draw a line and cut ties with the things that hold you back
  • Remove limiting beliefs and thought patterns that leave you stuck
  • Identify | Break agreement | Replace with TRUTH and Unlocking you
  • Forgive | Heal broken places | Restore Foundational Truths 

Unblock the past you were tied to. Unleash hope in your future so you can visualize, clearly identify and do you. Start creating who you were designed to be. 

Tap into your WHY & DISCOVER what you were created for!

Start Living Your Adventure!

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