When will you take the leap of faith and jump?

It always feels scary when you take a BIG jump in life. If you never jump you will never know what is on the other side.

By Tracy Mock

It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.


While backpacking in the Grand Canyon about 2 hours in, we passed into part of the trail washed out. You could see where backpackers ahead had moved a massive rock in place to get you across. This wash-out width was 6ft in length. It was a round stone that had a lip edge, your toes had to hug in a vertical manner across. Your hands had the cup the grooves in the stone as you carefully moved inch by inch across the six-foot way. 

Your mind had to be so fixed and concentrated on only getting across.  If you were to turn the wrong way or stumble across you would fall and no one could catch you. 

This one washout would cause most people to turn around and not go to the other side.

As I was contemplating going to get a hotel room and not crossing all together. All of a sudden I could hear my husband in the background “you got this babe”.  I took his words and took as much time as I needed to cross one of the  scariest parts to me of the descent into the Grand Canyon.

I safely cleared it across. I freaked out for a minute after I crossed remembering the missing people photos at the entrance of the trail in the Grand Canyon. I was sure this was exactly where they went missing. -NO JOKE!

I look back at that part of the hike and think of all the grand memories and lessons that I learned on this trip I would have robbed myself of if I had chosen to turn around.  I know 

This wasn’t a jump 

It wasn’t a leap

But it was monumental in my mind. I thought to myself what else have I been robbing myself of by choosing the Road Less Traveled.

I have applied this moment to many decisions that require me to do something different. 

They require me to do something painful. 

They require me to do something that’s never been done by anyone I’ve seen before. 

Choosing to get to the other side  transformed the way I made decisions in my business life, marriage, friendships, and my leadership. I can’t let the fear of it being scary or the worry of what if…….  

I have learned if you partner with “what if” it will keep you in the same place, and we’ll take out the wonder and sense of adventure in your life. By choosing to go to the other side, I had the one of the greatest adventures of my life and with my team. I had an excellent reflection I’m what I did all together right and what I did wrong. 

Who knew that when you backpack in the Grand Canyon that only .0009% of the people ever will backpack and witness the view that my eyes got to observe on the strip. 

To be set apart you need to be willing to do things many are unwilling to do.

 No matter how it looks

 No matter how it deems

 No matter how it appears

 Do it afraid

 No one will do it for you! 

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