How to Stop Feeling Unmotivated or Stuck

Find your sense of adventure:

When I get stuck in a creative rut, sometimes I don’t even know how I got there. A fun tip that I’ve learned over the years is to use my “fun” playlist whether I’m in the car or working. I take a dance break, crank up the music, and just start dancing. My rule is you can never do half of a song; you have to dance and sing the words out loud!

My playlist list can consist of: 
  • Polka music
  • 90’s R&B
  • My kids’ favorites (I learn their favorites and we rock it out together!) 

It seems to break up whatever has me held back. It makes me laugh and if others are around me, it makes them crack up as well! 

Laughter, lots of it, is the key to a rich, productive life!

Read more about this in my post, How to be Productive Even when Feeling Unmotivated.

Questions to cultivate your leadership change:

  • What are actions you take that make you feel productive in your day?
  • How do you stay on track and move forward when an obstacle appears? 
  • What’s your key to staying productive when you feel unmotivated? 

There are many reasons that you could feel stuck in life. In our culture we have information at the tips of our fingers, but what we don’t necessarily have is accountability and follow through with someone that will hold us to our words. This is exactly why having a coach is so helpful.

I love this story of Paul Jeong, the head of natural Church development in Korea, who trains thousands of Christian leaders each year. He embraced coaching for himself and the key leaders in his organization because he wanted to see more genuine and consistent transformation in the lives of those he worked with. In the process, he became a vigorous advocate of the coaching movement in Southeast Asia.  Here’s his comment on how coaching transforms lives:  

“I believe coaching produces more transformation than teaching and consulting. Here’s my reality. I’ve taught more than 40,000 pastors and leaders in the last 5 Years. I believe that less than 10% of them have experienced change. Over one year, maybe 1 to 3% experienced ongoing transformation. But through coaching, more than 90% of those I work with are transformed.”

“Before I learned about coaching, I personally hated one-on-one stuff, but I love the BIG Show, big conferences and seminars. Now, I am becoming much wiser, after many pains, life lessons and teachable moments. The TLC coaching process has totally revolutionized our ministry.”

– Leadership Coaching, By Tony Stoltzfus, Page 34

Coaching has since revolutionized his sphere of influence. The coach approach is a proven method to draw out the greatness that already lies within. When utilizing this method, we use the “asking” not “telling” technique, where real change can take place. True lasting change only occurs when an inner motive changes, when we dig deeper into our “why”, it reveals what motivates us to act. 

In moving forward with great leadership we must look at all that life throws to us, take the time to discover the driving force of our WHY:


Invite God into your leadership. Ask Him to help you become a better husband/wife, mom/dad, boss, volunteer, friend, and listen for the GREATEST COACH to speak to your HEART today!

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