Identify What Side Of The Brain You Are Most Connected To

What side of the brain do I operate from: Left & Right Hemispheres?

What is my dominant side?

Left Side – Thoughts from the Left side of my mind are analytical. The head will wear you out with “figuring things out”.  Head knowledge is exhausting and relentless.

Right Side – This side is non-verbal information. It is creative and spontaneous and talks in pictures. This side also holds the framework to the emotional side of the brain. Where we feel good and bad emotions.

Below are two lists. Check off each one you think you operate from regularly.

Left Brain

  • Uses Logic
  • Analytical
  • Precise
  • Repetitive
  • Organized
  • Detail oriented
  • Scientific
  • Detached
  • Literal
  • Sequential
  • Words & Language
  • Present & past
  • Math & Science
  • Reality based
  • Forms strategies
  • Practical/Safe


Right Brain

  • Uses Feelings
  • Big Picture
  • Creative/Imaginative
  • Believes
  • Appreciates
  • General
  • Intuitive
  • Conceptual
  • Big Picture
  • Problem Solving
  • Empathetic
  • Figurative
  • Irregular
  • Presents Possibilities
  • Present & Future
  • Risk Taking


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How did I get here?

Life is about choices. When you are young, they model it, on what to say and how to think. As you grew and matured, you learned to formulate your own good & bad choices, a journey brought with moments of great pain & frustration. Leading you to the sum total of who you are now.  They develop all your success and failures from this. Now it is time to generate one of the most critical decisions of your life, whether to take control of your mind – YOUR heart is moved by its truth. Every action, decision, and behavior is being controlled by your truth. Notice I didn’t say the truth. The truth sets us free. It’s time to learn a new language that wants to help us uncover and expose the real enemy of our mind. Start living connected!

Crazy thoughts need healed.

Why is this critical? IF you are living in a triggered state of mind all of the time, you’re going to reap the same old stuff you already got. Are you experiencing blame shifting, anger, frustration, negative self-talk, hatred, defending yourself? Look at why you respond this way.  What’s behind it? What’s behind this triggered emotion? Where in my history have I experienced this same emotion?  Our emotions are trying to tell us something. They have a story to tell. Take the time to observe and understand what’s behind it.

The world says…

  • “Just get over it”
  • “It’s over, leave it in the past”

Take control of your mind, it will empower you to shape a new life for yourself. This choice is really a series of smaller decisions. The decision to change your soul’s health, the decision whether to follow up, renewed each day, will open your eyes and you will discover your choice through to the end.

When we connect to our heart thoughts from a proper connection – it changes everything.

It helps change the heart. Understanding the way you think helps you better understand the language of the heart. Depending on where you are in your connection with your heart will allow you to understand the language of the heart. The language of the heart is on the right side of the brain, connected to your emotions and all the feelings. When connected to the heart, most people envisage words, impressions, powerful emotions, or a picture. It usually comes in the first 30-60 seconds.

Most biblical examples of meditation combine analysis and spontaneity, this happens at a heart level. The emotional side of the brain processes in pictures. Real transformation is behind a vision or picture. It is said a picture is worth 1000 words. When you heal the brokenness within and transform the heart through encounters your PERSPECTIVE changes and your actions line up at a heart level. Peace comes and your response is no longer triggered.

Spiritual ThinkingHead Knowledge vs. Heart Transformation

Head (Analytical Mind) – Religion

  • Absolute truth
  • Authoritative
  • Information
  • Beliefs/Principals
  • Theories/ Study
  • Rational
  • Logical/Reason
  • Critical Thoughts
  • Determine
  • Truth out there
  • Truth in general
  • Law/Works
  • Head Knowledge
  • Objective
  • Theology


Heart (Emotional Mind) – Encounter

  • Power that works within
  • Intimacy
  • Receive
  • Illuminated Truth
  • Intuition
  • Listen
  • Application
  • Imagination
  • Discern
  • Affections/Emotions
  • Moved by led/Spirit
  • Relational
  • Encounter Truth
  • Presence
  • Heart Encounter (Spirit)


What side has more check marks? Do you see a correlation?

In order to move forward in life, we need both sides of the brain. One cannot dominate the other. Although to improve your left and right side connection it is imperative that you connect with an accurate picture that comes alongside you with a change in vision, or the way you have always seen things.

This knowledge of understanding your brain will be a significant starting point. I want you to better understand how you think. This left side is where most of the world lives. It is said that 85% of most leaders and managers operate on this side of the brain. Most have little to no relational skills and are more concerned with numbers than a person at face value. They have little to no connection to this other side. Most studies show that we shut the side of the brain down when they were young and taught when I went to the side that was valued. Can you imagine learning to properly process your thoughts and intentions the way you were supposed to? Creating significant relationships and solving problems faster than ever before.

Ask Yourself:

  • What are my top 5 Responsibilities?
  • What side of the brain am I making all my decisions from?
  • Do I lead with heart?
  • What is my response when navigating negative emotions and my brain feels stuck?
  • Why can’t I get past certain situations and produce super logical decisions?

Do you feel the moments of breakthrough and do not know how you got there? Want to understand the way you think, learn, and feel? Learn where it all starts, in your mind! The way we think dictates our thought patterns and SETBACKS or SETUPS!!! It is your choice!!! Let’s first discover what’s holding you back! Schedule a coaching session today!

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