How to Identify a Broken Heart – Wounds, Verses, & a Prayer

Is my heart broken?

Words have a great impact on us!

Over the years, I have been able to learn how to identify a broken heart from my own childhood experiences. Growing up,  they taught me, “this is how a lady looks,” this is how a lady talks,” and “this is how you should conduct yourself in public”. This was all focused on what people would think of me and my exterior appearance. As I started my journey inward to my heart, I noticed I cluttered it with expectations of others based on appearance.

“As I started my journey inward to my heart, I noticed I cluttered it with expectations of others…”

When I was around people, I could make things seem as if things were unblemished from their point of view.  I could cover quickly. I took a deep dive into Journey Inward and why I reacted the way I did had nothing to do with my heart’s external appearance; it had everything to do with what was inside my heart.


At the core of you lies your identity. They become your identity up of your core beliefs, your memories, your values, your strongholds and even your wounds.  We are the total of everything that we have experienced this far in life.

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There is the logic side of our brain, and then there is the emotional side of our brain. In order to discover to the language of the heart we have to ask “what is in here?”. We could call it picturing memories, our story. The intriguing thing about our story is our perspective. It is our perspective that counts in the way we perceive life. This one perspective can hold us back in life, especially if it is the wrong perspective. So how do we change it?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I think our heart is constantly trying to speak to us. It wants to be in rhythm with the presence of the Lord.  That rhythm is off, beaten by our life’s circumstances. What we believe to be true, this perspective is what our mind is collecting to “prove its truth”. They are merely pictures and images of what we have uncovered in our lives. 


Lies have a peculiar way of cutting us off and holding us to a place in the past. They can be setbacks. I almost imagine them as handcuffs. When traumatic situations have occurred in my life and a similar story line comes, I freeze.   I know the power of identification of “is this truth?” I quickly respond in my heart with, is there an un-healed place in my heart?

  1. Usually a memory pops up.

2. I can see where I was.

3. Remember what it smelled like.

4. Recall what I was doing.

5. What I was wearing and who was with me all in that moment.

6. I can feel my blood boiling when a negative memory comes to mind.

7. I heal this wounded place up!

Why did I never ask Jesus to come in?

About two years ago I woke up in the night with memory “that could have happened” but I wasn’t sure. The next morning that same thought plagued in mind. As I uncovered the trauma of what happened to me when I was 14 years old, I heard details this time “You deserved everything that happened to you”. It took me a full day to process this event. I thankfully had a skilled coach to know what to ask and invite Jesus into the memory. Jesus took the pain completely away from the memory. I broke up with the LIE of “YOU DESERVED everything that happened to you! It’s your fault!”. 

As a leader, I responded abrasive, harsh and unknowingly bitterly. How did it get to this place? How do I get rid of the evidence of these patterns in my life? I do not want to respond this way anymore.

  1. Passed down generationally
  2. Ungodly soul ties with past relationships
  3. Negative expectations
  4. Inner vows
  5. Traumatic experiences
  6. Word curses
  7. Depression /Oppression

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