Inward Tears -Poem

I wonder if Jesus keeps track of all the times I wished I could cry and couldn’t.

In those moments wishing for an emotional release of all the inward pain- 

Of the deep grief could merely be expressed.

  • Just a little
  • Just for a moment
  • Just for you Jesus

I have this deep longing to let you all the way in. I just don’t know how. 

I come to: 

  • Each wall.
  • Each shackle. 
  • Each chord.

I don’t know how they got there . Where they even came from. 

I just know from my inner most being…….

  • You don’t belong! 
  • You no longer hold me back.

The enmeshment that once entangled myself and past generations.

I say goodbye!!!

I won’t miss how you treated me.

How you let me down. How you failed me. How I thought you were something special and all along you weren’t! 

You were:

  • Fake
  • Phony
  • Under cover

I exchange: 

  • Failure/Constant 
  • Bondage/ Freedom 
  • Self made / God made
  • Torn down & swept away by Jesus

Here I am. Who I was designed to be! 

Now you go before me. You defend me! You protect me! 

I stay close with a surrendered HEART that wants to be made like you!

Poem by Tracy Mock

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