What happened to you, that you absolutely do not want to talk about it?

Running from something? …. Are you a fugitive? …..Probably not.

Keeping your distance from everyone around you? Not letting them in, keeping having a genuine connection with you?

I get it, “your business,” is “your business”. 

If I could pose a question for you to think about?


Imagine if you keep focus on protecting your heart, building walls to avoid it, and a lot of pain. Results of that one choice, you will live half a life. Are you ok with this?

Are you an excellent judge of character? How about looking within at your character (heart) instead of focusing on all those around you? 

What is the truth that needs to be dealt with?

Can you separate your heart from your head?

Fully love those around you?

If you really think about it. We are all imperfect. No one person has it all together. 

But the ones that love without limits and happy ones are the ones who live and love without labels!!!!

Hang in, there is HOPE!

I have found in my journey that the only person who I can fix and get super-healthy is ME. 

I am not even the same person I was a year ago. 

I found a couple of great tools that shift your mindset, one of them, self compassion is one amazing key to healing for me!

What are you searching for in this life? 

  • Money
  • Success 
  • Adventure
  • Love
  • Friendship 
  • Happiness
  • Peace of Mind 
  • Freedom 

We search for in other people what we needed as a kid.

…It’s so true. 

What did little “I” need as a kid that needed recognised? Inner child work is key to resolving our past. (Pete Walker CPTSD has a chapter all about it and how to do it.)

  1. You not only recognize the issue(s) holding you back
  2. What needs nurturing?
  3. Holding on to them stops life from moving forward! 
  4. Ignore the response will leave you HELD BACK!

This work proves significant CHANGE can happen! 

Especially when children grow up in a home filled with trauma, this can create PTSD.

Trauma doesn’t have to be a “BIG T” particular thing to be still trauma. It can be the trivial “little t” that can be just as debilitating in your mindset.


There was a study done on people when they have “issues” that come to the surface of their life. Usually between the ages of 38-42 is when it started for most people. They found that the older the person was, the more intelligent their mind was. The higher the IQ, the mind could trick the person with the idea that it could do it one way or another by its self.

Recognise that no matter how smart you are, we all need to take the walls of protection against and let the LOVE OF GOD IN!

    • Understand. What I have found is I can own my failure and mistakes!!! But I will not own things that are not mine to my own. For me, my greatest day of “breakthrough” was the day I owned my part.
  2. Test “Your STORY” = HI -STORY:
    • Look at what is right, what went wrong? Where do you have blind spots? You know this one issue has stopped resolving in your connection to others….especially yourself. 
  1. What needs to shift?
    • A shift happened in me that changed everything! It can happen for you as well.
  1. Reconcile the life that you have.
    • We all come to a place we have to reconcile our lives! No one is exempt! 
  2. Life is a serious of trivial choices!
    • The greatest one is for you get to decide when do I begin!?

This is where you start a life of PURPOSE! 

I think it is amazing what you’re doing…
Hey there! I wanted to tell you thank you again. I was just telling my husband that I’ve had counseling before on and off throughout the years for things that have been kind of hard in life and the session today was amazing. You hold and facilitate a transformative space for sitting and truly listening to the Lord. You offer guidance through that process with heartfelt support, and in asking questions. I received so much revelation from our time together. I think it is amazing what you’re doing and I just want to encourage you to keep going because you have a gift!
Yogafaith Sozo and Somatics Therapist

I wanted to update you
…..from Thanksgiving

Going through this process got me to this picture of the 3 three of us right here. My mom and my sister. This has not happened in years. 
I wanted to share this with you. 

This picture is restoration❤️
Yogafaith Sozo and Somatics Therapist


How do you imagine your future with freedom?

What does this picture look like for you? 

How do you feel in this picture?

What are you doing?

How is this affecting those around you with the change that has happened in you!

How are you going to get there?

Can you picture now what is holding you back?

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